Restocked and ready to rock!! Thank you to all for continuing to love our soaps!! Buy any 4 Bars for $34 still applies!! Our LARGE 7.5oz luxurious bubble bombs are also still at their introductory price of $6.50. These have been an extravagant treat for many - to rave reviews, and much repeat gifting. A wondrous combination of a solid bubble bath, and therapeutic bath bomb LOADED with traditionally hand processed shea butter. It is any wonder!? * $10 standard shipping Canada wide on all parcels under 4.5kg!!*

Our Soap

Rub a dub dub - Get in your tub!

And a bar of our soap in your hands!

Just add fresh, warm water - soap’s perfect fodder,

We are certain you’ll be a big fan!

(..don’t you just love a good..ish limerick!?)


Our soap. Our pride and joy. 

Our soap has progressed over hundreds and hundreds of bars - From a simple, 3 ingredient soap, to a recipe that makes me excited for people to try it! 

For us, this is how something should feel on your skin: Cleansing, but caressing, scented and nourishing, but rinses clean away. Large fluffy bubbles, married with a rich buildable lather that leaves your skin feeling tangibly better stepping out of your tub or shower - than it did stepping in.

Try it and be convinced!

Love and Bubbles,

Fitzroy and Fae

PS - Please show your favourite handmade soap some love and keep it high and dry while its not in use. You will be able to enjoy it so much longer this way!