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Our Story


Alison Skitt - Fitzroy and Fae

How it Began?

It started like most things, innocent enough,

’Let’s make our own Christmas presents! We are good at that stuff!’, -

So said my sister, one fateful festive season,

’Much more time consuming!’ - I thought, though I understood her reason,

Things made by hand, are more valuable it seems, 

than mass produced objects, all made by machines.

So my journey began, for all of those in favour,

making bath luxuries from nature, that we could all trust and savor.

Countless hours were spent in this happy endeavor,

to experiment, and sample, and grow ever more clever -

regarding the ingredients which would feel the best on our skin,

proverbial toes testing the waters, and now diving right in!

So please look around, find a few things to treasure,

Use them, enjoy them - it is truly our pleasure!


All whimsical rhymes aside, ( though we really LOVE rhymes!),  here at Fitzroy and Fae - we create things that we hope will bring a bit of beauty, indulgence, and joy into your everyday routine. Carefully curated, tested, and created - we take great pride in the ingredients we choose, and the methods we use to create them. All of our premium bath and body products are lovingly handmade in small batches in our home studio. To infuse each one of our products with a bit of ‘wonderful’, we ensure that we are sourcing our ingredients from all Canadian suppliers, adhering to fair trade and ethical international sourcing. Only natural colourants are used to enhance the raw beauty of our products, and only Paraben and Phthalate free fragrances are chosen, wherever essential oils are not used, ( we do however, love ourselves some custom essential oil blends!!) .

We are nestled in the ‘burg’ of Fitzroy Harbour, ON - and hope appeal to beloved locals with product names that pay tribute to our favorite places and inspirations. Whether you have ever visited the Ottawa Valley, or have roots that go deeper than the maples - you undoubtedly have a special place in your heart for the scenery and happy haunts of the valley! We are grateful every day to be able to create in a place that offers an endless source of inspiration, healing, and rejuvenation - We are grateful for you!

Thank you so much for stopping by, 

Love and bubbles,


Owner, Creator, Crazy Soap Lady