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Collection: Perfectly Imperfect


As on the path to anything great,

There are the plans that you made - and then there is fate!

And when soap gives you lemons, in what you have made,

you roll with the punches and sell lemonade!

Soap making is a magical process that can throw you curve balls. Colourants may need to be tweaked to achieve that perfect look, oils adjusted for a certain design, fragrances may need to be increased or decreased according to preferences. This is the place where you get to try things - because I got to try things! Be it a happy accident, or just a chance to try out a new fragrance oil before committing to a larger batch - this is where you will find limited editions at discount prices! They may not always be EXACTLY as I wanted them to appear aesthetically, or they may be lacking in finalized labeling, (though ingredients will always be listed in full along with every product), - they will ALWAYS be amazing products of the highest quality and usability. 

Don’t miss out! These lovely products may be seen again in stock, or may never be seen again!

Treat yourself!

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