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Collection: Shaving Soaps

No more synthetic foams that melt from your face,

Or gels that leave your skin stinging like mace,

Each stroke will be silky, the blade will just glide,

No red bumps or bleeders, no reason to hide!

This may be, hands down - THE BEST shaving soap you, or the lucky individual receiving it, will EVER use. The test subjects have raved, and are now sworn to using nothing else! Less drag, longer strokes, less irritation, more stable lather, and rinses clean away.  For best results, use warm/hot water to work into initial lather for about 30 seconds. Unload brush of lather back into the mug, load the brush again with warm/hot water and lather again in circular motions for 30 sec. Repeat one more time, (3x total), then use brush to apply the mounds of glorious foam onto entire face. This lather will not break down or slide down your face for the duration of your shave, and long after (if you really wanted to wait that long!). Rinse face clean with warm water and pat dry. You’re welcome!

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