Restocked on so many faves, and many of the classics got upgrades and fancy swirly make overs!! Happy shopping - $10 flat rate shipping still applies to all orders under 10lbs!!

Returns & Refunds

Given the nature or our ‘one use’ , and personal use products, we cannot offer returns or refunds in most cases. However, given the nature of human error in regards to packing, shipping, and receiving - we always want to make sure that you receive what you ordered, and that it has made its way to you in optimum condition. In the rare case that there are items in your order that are not what they should be, please contact us directly and we will work promptly on a solution! 

What’s that? You’d like that in rhyme!?...OK!


 Most sales are final, and I’m sure you’ll agree,

What is opened by you, cannot come back to me,

But if some has messed up - as people sometimes do,

We’ll help fix it up! - So you’re happy, not blue!

We are all human, and if anything has been damaged in transit beyond reason, or something has made its way into your parcel that does not belong there, OR something should have made its way into your parcel, and did not - please contact us through our contact page and we will deal with it happily and promptly.